November 23, 2014

Concealed Intent Update

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Have you heard of the sunken cost fallacy It is where people base their decisions on historical costs rather than future benefits. It is logically incorrect as events or costs incurred previously are in the past and should not affect people’s next decisions. However, it is very common.

Right now, I may be falling foul of this fallacy, but I don’t care! I must finish Concealed Intent!

Concealed Intent WIP

Work on the game is continuing. It has been just over 2 years of my life now, and I think it is finally nearing completion. To that end, I have set a deadline of the beginning of March next year. That is not a random date, it is when the Game Developer’s Conference is held, which I will attend. I still think that is an achievable date. Although when I look at the the screenshot from last week (above) I still see so many things that have yet to be done. It appears to be an ever expanding list of todo items, as finishing one task presents many previously unconsidered tasks! I have heard it said that no game is finished - they are all just abandoned when “good enough”!

Soon I will be ready for another round of testing. So if you have previously said you are interested, I hope to contact you, probably in the new year for some early beta testing (I’ll put you on the Concealed Intent mailing list).

As obscurity seems to be the greatest enemy of the indie game developer, I have also begun to get the good word out on Concealed Intent. There is a blog at Gamasutra and soon other places too. Plus many social media accounts as detailed below. If you have any other ideas where I should promote the game, please let me know!

Concealed Intent Contact Details: