July 8, 2012

I Can Have Design?

Tags: Concealed Intent

The previous posting included the new logo for Jarrah Technology (website coming soon). People who know I have poor design skills have where I stole it from. Well, despite my membership of the “smash and grab” school of web design (also known as “right click -> view source”), I paid for this design.

As part of creating a computer game, I accepted that while the coding was under my control, any artwork would need to be outsourced. SpaceSub will not be graphically beautiful, but hopefully it will not be ugly either. Getting a company logo was the first part of this plan. The other artwork has to wait until it is know what is needed.

The design comes from 99designs. I first heard of them back when they did the logo for StackOverflow. They are a site for outsourcing design work. People post design contests and designers compete to win those contests. Here is my contest. In the end this worked well for me, I like the winning design (which I chose). There were a few other good entries submitted to my contest. Although most of the designs were not very good and a surprising number didn’t even follow the submitted brief. Communication could also be a problem, getting revisions was quite hard and I get the impression most of the designers had English as a second language. However, the winner’s name and timezone suggests he is Indonesian, Malaysian or Singaporean and he (mostly) managed to adapt his entry according to requests. In the end it worked out ok for the logo, but attempting anything more complicated would give me some trepidation.