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Late December (played 2016/12/11)


Objectives (2 out of 2 required):

The CDC team reconvenes in late December for a second attempt at saving the world. This time the task should be much easier as all Faded cities are vaccinated, so those cities are free from the threat of infection and one objective is already complete. Also Mary the Generalist joins the team for the first time in this last outing.

The month quickly falls into a pattern. Team members start by searching in Atlanta if they can, then heading out to cure disease. Dispatcher Akira brings everyone back to Atlanta ready to start again, unless there is a nearby infection that needs treating. In this manner the stockpile search moves foward rapidly while disease levels are kept under tight control.

As the search passes the halfway point, never has the global pandemic been in such a benign state. Team members have trouble fining enough to do. An epidemic causes no concern at all as One Quiet Night sees it pass without incident. Two more epidemics hit, but are quickly cleared. There is no tension, just steady progress, until Head finally finds the stockpile.

The world is safe and disaster averted. The conspirators are brought to justice and the world recovers. The team is somewhat listless at the end. What to you do after saving the world? What comes next?

Result: Final Victory
Score: 747 (Disaster Averted)

The start 1st circuit 2nd circuit

3rd circuit 3rd circuit

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