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Early December (played 2016/12/11)


Objectives (2 out of 2 required):

December starts with a surprise. The team no longer needs to cure disease, but instead vaccinate all Faded cities to bring the engineered virus under control and then find a CoDA stockpile in Atlanta to prevent further infection. The military conspiracy taunt the team, but confidence is high as there only a handful of unvaccinated cities remain and the initial infections are minimal.

Starting in Atlanta, Jeaux begins the stockpile search before flying to the vaccine factory in Karachi. Disaster immediately strikes as an epidemic hits Delhi. Segal destroys the military base in Ho Chi Minh, the last permanent base. Meanwhile Jimi advances the search double the standard amount before vaccinating Karachi, and Bobbi clears Buenos Aires. Sudden outbreaks in Beijing and Delhi remind everyone that diseases other than CoDA still exist, and concentrations are building in Asia.

The team switches to treating disease with Tapei, Shanghai and Beijing all brought back from the brink. With Hong Kong vaccinated and Delhi cleared, the immediate concern in lifted and the search resumes with everyone except Segal returning to Atlanta. Although Jimi opportunistically cures Terrancella in a slight deviation from the original plan.

Then an epidemic hits LA, but One Quiet Night controls the situation. To prevent damage Bobbi self-sacrifices – presciently as another epidemic immediately hits Washington. Segal saves Washington from certain disaster by clearing it, after vaccinating Riyahd. The situation is delicately poised as Jeaux brings the stockpile search to the halfway point, and only 4 unvaccinated faded cities.

There is an outbreak in LA as the team repositions themselves across the globe. Bobbi vaccinates Mumbai, and Jeaux destroys the last military base in Istanbul, but fails to clear the city – if someone else does not clear it soon he will become too psychologically scarred to continue. Epidemic hits Lima and there is an outbreak in LA. This is ignored, as is another outbreak in Shanghai while the team rushes to vaccinate. Bobbi vaccinates Moscow. With Borrowed Time, Segal clears Istanbul then vaccinates both it and St Petersburg.

Thus all Faded cities are vaccinated and the team reconverges on Atlanta to continue the stockpile search. Steady progress is made, but not for long. An outbreak in Lima cascades to LA and then to Mexico City. Time has run out, and the team is recalled. Notably LA suffered 3 outbreaks this month, going from mild rioting to completely Fallen – truly the forgotten city.

GI Jeaux becomes a Hacker and more equipment is added.

Result: Loss [too many outbreaks]

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3rd circuit 3rd circuit

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