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Late November (played 2016/11/20)


Objectives (3 out of 4 required):

Jeaux returns to replace Curie as the team assembles in Atlanta with a clear plan: quickly build a wall of vaccinated cities to contain the Faded infection. Akira starts by moving everyone to vaccine factories. Then Jeaux vaccinates Madrid, Segal Kolkata, and Jimi Baghdad. Akira resets people to factories, and thus Paris, Chennai, Milan and Algiers are vaccinated. CodA is now largely contained, but cures are still require much research. Segal moves to Asia to start clearing Terrancella, while an epidemic hits Essen.

Jimi builds a factory in Karachi, while Essen is cleared and vaccinated by Akira and Jeaux working together while simultaneously sharing Na-jib research leading to a cure. Segal quarantines Moscow with Local Initiatives, just in time to prevent a outbreak, and an epidemic in Lima passes without damage thanks to a Grassroots Program. Cairo becomes infected causing Segal to become Germophobic, but still manages to destroy the military base and clear the city so Jimi can vaccinate it.

Riyadh outbreaks due to Accelerated Infection, but the situation is looking secure. Jimi cures Radalia with shared research from Jeaux and Akira works out a plan to quickly cure Terrancella by moving Segal and Jeaux to Asia. An epidemic in Mexico City passes in One Quiet Night. Jeaux self-sacrifices becoming Demoralised to prevent further infections before Segal completes the Terrancella cure. Excellent teamwork has led to a successful mission and a strong position with vaccinated cities [8 unvaccinated cities remaining out of an original 22].

Karachi gains a permanent factory and Segal becomes Determined (because he is hard to kill!).

Result: Win [cure, vaccinate, factories]

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3rd circuit 3rd circuit 3rd circuit

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