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Early November (played 2016/11/20)


Objectives (3 out of 4 required):

An unchanged team convenes in Atlanta to hear the latest news. Someone is out to get them. So what! The team is already aware of the military’s plans. There is a broad streak of disease across the world needing to be cured. Although a new military base appears in Chennai to make things more difficult.

Almost as soon as the team starts work an Accelerated Infection causes an outbreak in Algiers. Again! The Madrid military base is quickly destroyed and Khartoum vaccinated. An epidemic in Tehran leads to another Algiers outbreak. Curie cures Terrancella and Madrid is cleared, then another Accelerated Infection results in cascading outbreaks in Chennai, Mumbai and Delhi. The mission has barely begun and situation is disastrous. Central Asia is a hopeless mass of Faded infections. Research into cures is spread wide and thin. Jimi manages to destroy the Baghdad military base before another Accelerated Infection in Mumbai causes an outbreak which cascades to Chennai, Karachi and mission failure. The quickest mission failure in history.

Segal becomes a Forecaster and more equipment is acquired [C4, grenade belt and aerosols].

Result: Loss [too many outbreaks]

The start 1st circuit

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