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Late October (played 2016/11/20)


Objectives (3 out of 4 required):

Segal the Immunologist and Jimi the Operations Expert replace Jeaux and Goldie for late October. Early infections of Terrancella are heavy and a new military base has appeared in Madrid. The team start in Sao Paulo.

Akira positions Segal in HCMC, and he immediately vaccinates the city. While there is another outbreak in Algiers due to Accelerated Infection. Curie cures Na-jib almost immediately and with no infections having yet occurred, it is eradicated! Jimi builds a vaccine factory in New York. Not even an outbreak in Buenos Aires leaving Akira Pyrophoric dampens the teams high spirits. With Akira helping people into position, Segal vaccinates Bangkok and Curie clears Sydney.

An epidemic causes outbreaks in Milan and Mumbai, but Madrid is safe due to being under quarantine. The team then realises that vaccinating cities in Europe will be extremely hard as there are 3 military bases on the continent. Jimi destroys the Paris base. Curie vaccinates Jakarta. Akira moves Segal to Tehran, and then makes a fortuitous research breakthrough in Terrancella resulting in its cure. Segal clears and vaccinates Tehran at the expense of becoming Intimidated. Then an epidemic hits Mexico City.

Taking stock, the team realises curing Radalia is within reach – if Akira moves Segal and Curie to Sao Paulo then research would be complete – and the mission would succeed soon after. Unfortunately, it is at this point the team also realises they have let a time bomb develop in Europe. Five interconnected Faded cities are all on the edge of exploding: Madrid, Algiers, Paris, Milan and Istanbul. If any one has an outbreak the mission would fail. Much discussion ensues about whether it possible to defend against this result. It is decided the only way would be for 3 of the team to self-sacrifice and the loss of Curie. Deemed unacceptable, this plan is abandoned and fingers are crossed. Luck is not on their side, the research is shared and Paris is cleared, but Milan outbreaks and the resulting cascade causes a second mission failure.

London and New York gain permanent vaccine factories.

Result: Loss [too many outbreaks]

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3rd circuit

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