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Early October (played 2016/11/20)


Objectives (3 out of 4 required):

November begins with a mass of Faded infections as the team digests the revelation that Pink was a traitor helping spread disease rather than cure. Goldie the Virologist joins the team in Istanbul to replace the traitor. It seems like an age since the last outing, and the team is a little rusty in the execution of their duties.

Akira starts by moving Jeaux and Goldie to city zero, Cairo, and they immediately begin to search for patient zero. Curie starts accumulating Radalia research and moves to South America to cure disease. An early epidemic hits Manila, but to no great effect. Soon Jeaux (regularly reacquiring old search equipment) finds patient zero and collects the required DNA sample. Goldie heads to Asia as the global situation is looking positive.

Disaster strikes. Accelerated Infection sees Algiers outbreak, followed immediately by an epidemic and outbreak in Osaka. There is a small respite as Curie finds a cure for Radalia, and Akira moves people into position for a fightback. However, outbreaks in Algiers and Bangkok start to put the mission on a downward trajectory. Jeaux burns down the Algiers military base just before an outbreak in Istanbul destroys the research centre there and cascades to Moscow. The map is now covered in Faded infections. Goldie becomes Weakened as the situation appears dire.

At this point the Immunologist returns with news from the recovered DNA sample [we had forgot to open box 7]. We now have a vaccine for CoDA and can build factories to produce it. Hope is renewed. Goldie self-sacrifices (Monophobic) to provide breathing room. Very useful as there is epidemic in LA that passes without any outbreak. Curies cures Na-jib, but outbreaks in Algiers and Bangkok are just too much to handle and the mission is over.

Ho Chi Minh City gains a Vaccine Factory and Bioreactor equipment is acquired.

Result: Loss [too many outbreaks]

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3rd circuit

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