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September (played 2016/10/07)


Objectives (3 out of 5 required):

Again the same CDA team comes together to fight the global pandemics. A successful pattern to the games has emerged: Curie hunts cures, Pink and Jeaux keep CoDA under control, while Akira ensures everyone is where they need to be. The plan stays the same for September. At the start of the month the team learns there is a new objective, find a paranoid soldier spreading conspiracy theories, he is in one of the military bases in a CoDA city. Despite this new objective, the team elects after some discussion to start the month with the search for the Immunologist a little advanced – first come, first served. Also, as there is a military base in each world region, the team starts with one objective already completed.

The team begins again in Istanbul as the main infections are in northern Europe. Curie starts by laying the now obligatory quarantine in Istanbul before heading north to deal with the infected cities there. Jeaux then searches for the Immunologist, until the team is quickly interrupted by an epidemic centred on San Francisco. Luckily Local Initiatives keep London and San Francisco from causing any further damage. Pink heads towards Asia, while Akira heads to North America. The team slowly starts clearing disease, but it is the number of heavily infected cities starts to build – outbreaks seem certain.

Confidence returns slightly when Jeaux finds the Immunologist in Baghdad. She informs us that CoDA appears bio-engineered, a vaccine is possible, but more data is required. This information is quickly digested as the team continues to deal with Na-Jib. Pink reaches and clears the worst of Asia’s Terrancella infections, before heading to meet with Curie for research exchange. Akira clears the worst of North America and Curie gets northern Europe under control. The situation is looking good. Soon it is even better, as a lucky bit of research sees Curie cure Terrancella with Pluripotent Stem Cells. Now confidence is high, only two more cures required and the crisis is over, with a Na-jib cure just waiting for some shared research. The team also is lucky with few CoDA infections appearing and a large gap between epidemics [although another must be coming soon].

Jeaux takes the lapse in urgency to search for the paranoid soldier and finds him immediately in Baghdad (with judicious and repeated use of Binoculars). Oh no, CoDA is part of a military conspiracy. The non-military team members laugh, but that ceases when it transpires that Colonel Pink is a traitor and leaves the team to be replaced with a civilian. This also means the planned shared research is gone – the Na-Jib cure is no longer a certainty. Now the team is aiming to sabotage military bases, rather than build them. An epidemic follows quickly centred on Kolkata.

The new, unnamed, civilian team member does their duty by eradicating Terrancella. Na-Jib infections start to reemerge despite some lucky research seeing Curie cure the disease. Faded infections also start to fan out from the Indian subcontinent, with Jeaux taking great pleasure in clearing them with Grenades and a Grassroots Program. Another epidemic and outbreak hits in Washington, followed by an outbreak in Chennai [becoming the world’s first fallen city] cascading to the now collapsing Kolkata. Infections begin to spread out of control.

The future seems bleak. A path towards a Radalia-X cure is planned, but there will almost certainly be another epidemic before it can be completed. The likelihood of the next epidemic overwhelming the world is very high and the team can’t afford the time to prepare for the onslaught if a cure is to be found in time. Despondency reigns. Then Jeaux stands and suggests self-sacrifice. Curie is Hobbled, and Jeaux becomes Overcautious. However the plan works: Akira cures Radalia-X and the world is again safe, after a month of extreme emotions.

Terrancella gains Easier Agents and Sao Paulo obtains a permanent research station.

Result: Win [cure, find immunologist, find paranoid soldier and sabotage 2 military bases]

The start 1st circuit 2nd circuit

3rd circuit 4th circuit Victory


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