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August (played 2016/06/13)


Objectives (3 out of 5 required):

An unchanged team reconvenes after a month to discover that eradication is no longer an objective as the CoDA infection escalates. In addition the team should now also search for a lost Immunologist. As a reward for saving the world in July, the CDC is gifted a military base in the city of their choosing. By selecting San Francisco, there is now a base in each area of the world, thus completing one objective for the month before even starting work! The team starts confident.

With many initial CoDA infections in the Middle East, the team elects to begin at the Istanbul station. Akira starts laying quarantines across the Middle East to protect against further infections, Jeaux & Pink cure Faded cities. Curie realises that she can trade in her useless CoDA research together with Binoculars in the quarantined Istanbul to conduct a thorough search for the Virologist – and she is discovered. Disappointingly her information is to find the Virologist and that our meds are placebos – what is up? Still, after one work period, the team is just a single objective from finishing!

An epidemic in Mexico City refocuses the team towards curing, which progresses steadily. Another epidemic in Beijing passes in One Quiet Night as Pink flys across the world and back again to ensure Algiers is safe from outbreak. Just in time as the city suffers infection immediately afterwards. Soon after the world is looking relatively healthy with all the diseases under control and no serious infection [no city has 3 cubes]. The team takes the respite to plan how to cure the diseases. It is decided that Curie will collect Radalia research and Akira Na-Jib research. Jeaux & Pink will continuing treating disease unless called away to share research.

The Na-Jib cures come quickly from Akira, thanks to well planned movement and research collaboration in North America. An epidemic occurs in Kolkata and infection starts to rise across Asia and the Middle East. The team decides to prioritise cures so Jeaux and Pink are spend more time sharing research than treating. Curie working in South America collects the required research for Radalia, but runs out of time to cure – it will have to wait for her next opportunity. Akira is close to curing Terrancella, and a plan is determined that will see all objectives met in a single rotation. Another epidemic challenges that plan as outbreaks occur in Montreal, Ho Chi Minh and Kolkata. However, soon it is decided the plan will stay unchanged. There are high levels of untreated infection across the world and although a few cities may need to be sacrificed, a cure will be found quickly – unless there is another epidemic.

Jeaux saves Bogota just in time, but Lagos suffers an outbreak. Curie cures Radalia and flies to Ho Chi Minh in preparation for transferring research to Akira. It is then pointed out that Ho CHi Minh is extremely likely to suffer an outbreak, unless an epidemic occurs that could result in too many outbreaks elsewhere across the world. Unwilling to countenance even the slightest chance of failure, Curie self-sacrifices (becoming Indecisive) to ensure a safe world. Akira immediately flys to Tokyo to collect research from Jeaux, and then flys to Ho Chi Minh to do the same with Curie. Thus Akira is able to cure Terrancella and the the team succeeds! While at the end the infection was reaching dangerous levels, it was the solid treating and quarantining at the start gave the team space to find cures despite some unlucky research.

Curie becomes Flexible and gains Archive Access.

Result: Victory [cure, find virologist and military bases]

The start 1st circuit 2nd circuit

3rd circuit Victory Board

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