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Late July (played 2016/05/15)


Objectives (3 out of 5 required):

There are no changes to the CDC team roster in late July, but despite three straight losses to the forces of disease and panic, the team is in high spirits. Funding levels have increased (plus the promise of greatly higher funding if there is a fourth consecutive loss [Box 8]). Furthermore, the team is confident that the new talents of Akira & Pink will results in a greater ability to combat Faded and other infections in a timely matter. The team resolves to use the same plan as last time, but deal with dangerous situations as early as possible, rather than reacting to escalations.

The team starts in Istanbul and heads out to treat the initial infections. An epidemic hits Khartoum, but with no further bad effects. GI Jeaux starts planning a search for the Virologist as he can’t contemplate leaving someone behind infected lines. There is some discussion, but the rest of the team want to continue with the original plan. The soldier follows his orders, laying waste to Faded cities with what seems like an endless supply of Grenade Launchers. Colonel Pink similarly heads down through Africa and back up through the middle east keeping CoDA under control to an extent not seen since the start of the year.

An epidemic in Johannesbug is contained by One Quiet Night and later a flying visit from Akira. Further problems are prevented in Johannesburg by a Resilient Population [saving Akira from scarring], Local Initiative quarantines in London and Essen, and finally an Airstrike on Paris. The extra funding is hugely beneficial! Despite an outbreak in Miami, 3 epidemics have passed without much concern. Akira and Curie are flying across the world treating disease as they go. The team is dealing with infections as soon as they appear. Only the linked and heavily infected cities of London and Essen are a cause for worry. Curie cures Radalia-X and through blind luck, Akira accumulates enough research to cure Terrancella.

As Pink and Jeaux continue to scythe their way through Faded cities another epidemic hits, but a Grassroots Program again removes any danger despite an outbreak in Taipei. The confident and slightly excited team now begin to prepare for the end. A remote outpost sees a military base constructed in the not particularly remote LA. Thus just a cure for Na-jib, plus one other objective is required. Calculating the time remaining, the team builds a plan with many contingencies.

As the end nears it becomes clear the team will not be able to lay enough quarantines, and Na-jib research is not progressing well enough for Curie to cure it in time. Another planning session ensues. More lucky research by Akira means he is within reach of curing Na-jib, with a bit of sharing. Jeaux charges to London to be in position for this transfer. Curie uses her little Na-jib research to fly to North America and clear up some minor infections there. The situation is tense. Akira will be the last possible person to act [cards run out] and can cure Na-jib and then clear London and Essen. This could result in eradication and victory… if no further infections occur. The last epidemic hits. There is a sigh when reports of infection in Paris arrive, until it is remembered that is now a Faded city. There are no extra Na-jib infections! Akira cures Na-jib and eradicates it at the last possible moment. The world is saved again!

Back at base after the effort Na-jib becomes Efficient to Sequence and has Easier Agents.

Result: Victory [cure, eradicate and military bases]

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3rd circuit Victory Board

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