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Early July (played 2016/05/15)


Objectives (3 out of 5 required):

The CDC team reforms in July with a more militaristic plan. Colonel Pink returns and Soldier GI Jeaux (a friend of Pink) joins the team. The plan is to build a military base in North America while Curie researches cures and eradicates a disease. Pink and Jeaux will deal with Faded cities. No one seems interested in searching for the Virologist. The team starts in Istanbul with major infections in Beijing, Santiago and Baghdad.

Akira starts by moving everyone except Pink to Algiers, so that Curie can collect Pluripotent Stem Cells from Jeaux bringing a Na-jib cure to within a single piece of research. Unfortunately, Accelerated Infection hits Istanbul, causing Pink to become Over-cautious. Pink lays down quarantines across Faded cities, as does Jeaux as they head towards Asia. Akira moves Pink and Curie to Washington so they can share research, a Na-jib cure is imminent. However, before that can happen an epidemic occurs in Chennai and there is an outbreak in Seoul.

The team is becoming concerned about the situation in North-eat Asia. Correctly as it transpires as a second epidemic hits right after the first – in Shanghai. Increased infection in Seoul causes another outbreak which cascades to Shanghai and Beijing. With high levels of infection in Shanghai & Beijing certain to occur before much can be done, the situation looks dire. However, a Local Initiative program is funded straight after the epidemic – the situation is saved! Or is it. A discussion ensues about whether it is worth using the Local Initiative to quarantine Terrancella infected cities and allow the fight to continue. Alternatively if the situation is truly hopeless then perhaps the Asian north-east should be sacrificed as relatively unimportant to allow the team to regroup quickly and start again in late July. Akira is a proponent of the latter, suggesting that ending with riots in Asia is probably not as bad as other possible results. The rest of the team consider the proposition carefully, but all decide it is their duty to carry on. Akira is outvoted and a quarantine is placed on Shanghai & Beijing and subsequently a Grassroots Program clears enough disease from Beijing to relieve the immediate pressure.

As Curie builds towards a Terrancella cure, the team wonders what to do and tries to rebuild plans. Akira is despondent, but everyone puts in a best effort. An epidemic in Paris is halted thanks to quarantine. Quarantines are reapplied across the world. Terrancella is cured, although Radalia is turning out to be hard to research. Undaunted the team moves towards Terrancella eradication as the problematic Asian north-east is cleared.

Then disaster. Accelerated Infection strikes Delhi causing an outbreak cascading to further outbreaks in Tehran and Chennai (which starts to collapse). The team is recalled, a little over half way through the allotted time.

Akira becomes a Veteran and Pink gains a Paramilitary Escort.

Result: Loss [too many outbreaks]

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3rd circuit

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