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Late June (played 2016/05/01)


Objectives (3 out of 4 required):

Chastened from their earlier defeat, the team reassembles for a second chance to save the world in June with a repeat of the plan from earlier, but with a renewed sense of teamwork. Starting in Istanbul to deal with initial infections in Europe, Khartoum & Chennai the team is rocked by an epidemic at the earliest opportunity. Baghdad gains a large infection. The team brushes this off to start laying quarantines across the Middle East and building a military base in Paris. Some research is shared, but unfortunately knowledge of cures is spread evenly among the team.

However, soon the team has larger problems. Accelerated Infection strips Chennai’s quarantine and it is then immediately infected causing an outbreak. Similarly, a potential infection event ends Baghdad’s quarantine and it immediately outbreaks due to Accelerated Infection. To help reimpose the quarantines, Akira moves Dominique to Karachi, with the declaration “it is completely safe, for it to be a problem there would need to be an infection and Karachi would have to be the infected city”. An epidemic them immediately occurs with Karachi being the infected city – whoops. Dominique is now Paranoid as her friend betrayed her. Chennai and Paris have outbreaks as a result of the epidemic.

The Faded infection is now extremely bad, the worst the team has ever seen. All faded cities have some infected, and many are on the verge of outbreaks [3 cubes]. The team soldiers on. Reimposing quarantines and sharing enough knowledge for Curie to cure Radalia-X and a Na-Jib cure rapidly approaching. With military bases built in LA & Bogota the world is half saved at the half way point. Realising this cheers the team slightly from the sense of impending doom from out of control Faded infections.

An outbreak in Algiers collapses the city and spreads the Fade infection to Europe and Africa. Soon after an epidemic in Kolkata causes cascading outbreaks in Delhi & Chennai and brings the fade infection into Asia. The team is recalled again about half way into the allotted time, as the outbreaks have reached an unacceptable level. Although the recall prevents team members Curie & Jimi from becoming psychologically scarred.

The speed of the Fade infection and the inability of the team to do much about it brings the military faction of the CDC to supremacy. It is decided that permanent military bases will be built in Bogota and Paris. Chennai, Cairo & Baghdad are rioting. Algiers is collapsing. Except for Istanbul [how long can it hold out?], all CoDA cities are now faded and the infection has spread to Paris, Madrid, Khartoum, Bangkok & Hong Kong.

Result: Loss [too many outbreaks]

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