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Early June (played 2016/05/01)


Objectives (3 out of 4 required):

The CDC team reassembles early June with a sense of despondency. Since January each month the situation has worsened, and each month the team scraped through closer and closer to the edge. Initial indications were that this would be the toughest month yet, and the previous month had been the closest success – surely this time our luck would run out. The team started in Atlanta, ideally placed to deal with the early infections in South America, with the plan to move towards to Asia to cure the diseases there. A new team member joined the team, Jimi the Operations Expert (and Bobbie’s rival), as the plan was to complete the quarantine and military base objectives, ignoring the eradication goal.

The first epidemic came very quick and hit Baghdad – a very bad start. Meanwhile, Jimi builds a research lab and military base in Ho Chi Minh, Bobbie works on Latin American cities, Dominique lays down quarantines as she heads towards the Middle East and M. Curie researches Radalia-X while helping Jimi out in Asia as disease there begins to accumulate.

At this point some disagreements start over the best course of action. Various possibilities are suggested, but dismissed when found to be ineffective. Baghdad is a ticking time bomb, while Asia and Sth America still haven’t been adequately cleared. In the end Bobbie decides to sacrifice herself by travelling to Baghdad to lay down a quarantine, knowing that she will inevitably be left in a Faded as a result. Jimi continues clearing Asia, but disease pops up again as soon as it is cleared. Dominique (together with Bobbie) lay enough quarantine and roadblocks across Faded areas to bring that safely under control. Meanwhile Curie cures Radalia-X with the help of Pluripotent Stem Cells, and then travels to the Americas, but not in time to stop an epidemic and outbreak in Chicago.

As Bobbie becomes Regretful, infection in Asia rises to alarming levels. Bobbie moves through the Middle East laying quarantines and roadblocks, ending in the safe city of Moscow. The rest of the team clears Asia and Curie starts working on a Na-Jib cure. An epidemic causes an outbreak in LA which causes a cascading outbreak in Mexico City. Also Moscow becomes infected, if something is not done Bobbie will be scarred again. The team believes the Faded areas are safe, and Asia can be controlled, but only at the expense of relying on luck in the Americas. It feels like disease is getting out of control and overwhelming the team.

In the end it doesn’t matter. Another epidemic follows very soon after the last and LA outbreaks again with cascading outbreaks in Mexico City, Miami, Bogota & Lima before the disease exhausts itself. The team is recalled after only half the allotted time [half the player deck present]. The bright side is that Bobbie is not scarred.

Another argument ensues over how to upgrade the teams resources. A new permanent military base in Ho Chi Minh is established unanimously, but otherwise there is a split over whether to build roadblocks in the Middle East or purchase equipment. In the end two Grenade Belts and a Drone Escort are acquired as it is remembered that the team can place 3 roadblocks at the start as they saved the world in May.

Chicago, LA, Mexico City, Bogota & Lima are now rioting.

Result: Loss [out of yellow disease cubes]

The start 1st circuit 2nd circuit

3rd circuit

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