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April (played 2016/02/21)


Objectives (2 out of 3 required):

Bobbie returns from holiday while Head takes a break in April. Initial reports show no CoDa infections – instead the worst affected cities are within a single move of team members starting in Atlanta. Such luck! There is even a “free” military base in Baghdad. Confidence is high.

Initial plans see the some of the American infections cleared while Akira jumps to Baghdad and starts laying down quarantines from the military base. Research into Radalia progresses nicely. Bobbie clears East Europe. Then 2 epidemics in a row [adjacent players] strain the team. One Quiet Night prevents a near certain outbreak as a number of cities test their containment thresholds: Delhi, Khartoum, Madrid, Montreal & Chicago are all problematic [3 cubes]. Plus the CoDa virus becomes Fade. Heated discussion ensues as the team realise they can’t be everywhere in time. It is decided that Fade is the most pressing concern. An unfunded Grassroots Program is used to bring Delhi out of the danger zone. A quarantine on Khartoum and few cured people in Madrid results in crossed fingers. As infection hits Madrid and Khartoum relatively harmlessly much backslapping ensues. Especially since Radalia is cured soon after and a Resilent Population is created in Delhi as soon as the possibility appears.

The team splits – half trying to deal mainly with infections while the remainder conduct research. It is a struggle to clear the heavily infected cities and another epidemic causes a Sydney outbreak. However, immense luck and many discussions on probability prevent further chaos. Also, even more luck and timely shared knowledge brings cures for both Terrancella & Na-Jib. The team now just need to eradicate a disease or build 5 more military bases. A discussion of possibilities concludes that eradicating Terrancella will be the fastest.

Then disaster, another epidemic. Some quick calculations suggest that there will be 3 infections occurring in 12 cities, 5 of which will have bad results: 4 are near their infection threshold, plus Cairo is unquarantined and open to Fade infection. Breath is held as the infected cities are revealed. Two fall in relatively unimportant cities, although one is Terrancella delaying eradication slightly. The third is Cairo, it becomes City Zero of the Fade infection. The team continues to clear Terrancella, just hoping their luck holds. The next three cities to be infected are again unimportant. Plus a Local Initiative is funded and used immediately in Lagos & Miami, which are then infected next. Incredible luck has saved another 2 outbreaks! The team is ecstatic, only an epidemic can stop them now.

The epidemic does not come! Terancella is eradicated despite late outbreaks in Washington and Santiago. The world is saved again!

At the end of April and 5 months of global pandemics Tehran & Algiers are rioting. London, Cairo, Baghdad, Khartoum, Lagos, Osaka, Bogota, Chicago, Washington, Santiago & Sydney are unstable. Cairo gets an unfunded Airstrike Program and a permanent military base is constructed in Baghdad (next to the permanent Research Station in Istanbul). Cairo is City Zero of the Fade infection, but there are no other Faded cities. No team member is scarred.

Result: Win [cure + eradicate]

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