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March (played 2016/02/21)


Objectives (2 out of 3 required):

The same CDC team that saved the world in February reforms for an attempted repeat performance in March. With the team now able to order the construction of military bases there is some discussion as to what this means. Most team members are broadly suspicious of the military, while Dominique is gung-ho. So it is decided the team will attempt to meet the extra objectives by eradicating a disease. The initial reports suggest acute Radalia-X infections in North America and low, but widely spread CoDa levels in the Middle East. The team decides to start in Atlanta again.

The game starts with the North American infections quickly cleared and Dominique laying quarantines across the Middle East where CoDa slowly builds up. Some lucky research and rivalry between Curie & Head lead to a quick cure of Na-Jib. Nerves are frayed somewhat by an epidemic in Tehran. Fearing the worst, One Quiet Night is immediately used to give Akira time to rush across the world and drop a quarantine on Tehran, and just in time as the quarantine is immediately tested. More lucky research sees Radalia & Terrancella cures come in quick succession a few days [circuits of the players] later. The limits of quarantine are being tested in the Middle East [all the quarantine markers are on the board], so Akira rushes Marie Curie across North America to eradicate Na-jib The world is saved in near record time, with no outbreaks and also no military bases constructed.

At the end of the month a Common Structure for Na-jib is discovered and Akira gains Local Pressure to help with future quarantines.

Result: Win [cure + eradicate]

The start The end

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