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February (played 2016/01/23)



At the start of February Bobbie takes a break so Dominique, a Quarantine Specialist, joins the team to help deal with the now completely untreatable CoDA virus. It also transpires that Gwyneth & Akira are family, Gwyneth & Curie are rivals, Curie & Dominique have worked closely before. Also Dominque is friends with Akira.

Again starting in Atlanta, Dominique & Gywneth travel to Asia to deal with early infections. While Akira & Curie stay in America to exchange Na-Jib research before heading to south to treat infections there. Due to some lucky research Na-Jib is quickly cured and Radalia-X soon after. Asia and the Middle East is kept under close watch by Dominique setting up remote quarantines, as Gwyneth heads towards Africa treating disease as she goes. A potential problem in Tehran is kept under control by a Resilient Population. With two diseases cured in barely half the allotted time available, the team is feeling confident. Bogota & Chicago suffer outbreaks. Akira dispatches Gwyneth across Africa and South America on Borrowed Time, clearing nearly all infected cities. Radalia-X is eradicated soon after, and Terrancella is cured. The world is safe.

After 3 global pandemics Tehran & Algiers are rioting. London, Cairo, Baghdad, Khartoum, Lagos, Osaka, Bogota & Chicago are unstable. No team member is scarred. Gwyneth obtains Local Connections and Tehran gains a Grassroots Program.

Results: Victory

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