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Late January (played 2016/01/23)



Shaken by the speed at which the early January pandemics spiralled out of control, the same team reassembles in late January determined to cooperate better. Still they know the situation is dire. Initial infections again concentrate in South America, although to a lesser extent than earlier in the month. So the team starts in Atlanta and fans out, quickly collecting Radalia-X and Na-Jib research. Bobbie largely roams the Middle East and south Asia, to treat CoDA infections before they became overwhelming. The rest of the team criss-crosses the world as required, trading and concentrating research. The Americas are quickly cleared from danger – slow, but steady. Radalia-X is cured first, but not before outbreaks in Algiers, London and Osaka (all quickly contained). Na-Jib is then cured at the cost of a Lagos outbreak cascading to Khartoum.

Confidence is still high. One Quiet Night and Forecast see a potentially devastating epidemic fizzle harmlessly. Curing Terrancella is within reach. With preparations finished, Curie just needs access to a Research Station to complete the cure. There is still ample time in the month and forecasts suggest the probability of another epidemic is low [there are a large stack of player cards and only a single possible epidemic left]. The CoDA situation is concerning with the virus building up faster than it can be cleared despite Bobbie’s constant attention. Otherwise, the situation is reasonably under control.

However, luck takes bad turn. Before Curie can reach a station another epidemic strikes – in the worst possible place! Cairo explodes causing cascading outbreaks to Baghdad and Algiers. And it is over – another failure. It is only by luck that the virus exhausted itself before an outbreak in Istanbul could destroy the station there.

By the end of January both Tehran & Algiers are rioting, with London, Cairo, Baghdad, Khartoum, Lagos & Osaka unstable. Luckily a Common Structure for both Radalia-X and Terrancella is discovered so they can be cured without travelling to a station in future.

Result: Loss [out of black disease cubes]

The start It all goes wrong

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