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Early January (played 2016/01/23)



The CDC team assembles in Atlanta. Everyone is very experienced in dealing with previous pandemics successfully, so January seems like nothing special. Initial infections are concentrated in South America and southern Africa.

The team begins by dealing with the Radalia-X [yellow] plague. They mainly work independently and clear infections steadily with research building towards a Na-Jib [blue] cure. Then disaster, an epidemic results in a CoDA [black] outbreak in Tehran. Then almost immediately another epidemic occurs with an outbreak in Algiers. It transpires that the CoDA virus could not be cured and was significantly harder than normal to treat [2 actions per cube]. Plans are abandoned as the team rushes towards the Middle East in an attempt to control the fast spreading CoDA outbreak. They succeed for a while, but new CoDA infections occurr across south Asia and take too long to clear. Another couple of closely spaced epidemics result in another Tehran outbreak cascading into a Baghdad outbreak and the team has failed.

Tehran is rioting, Baghdad & Algiers are unstable. A permanent research station is constructed in Istanbul so the CDC could react quicker to CoDA infections. Bobbie became a Pilot.

Result: Loss [out of black disease cubes]

Look at that pristine board! Start as you mean to go on

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