September 9, 2017

Plague Inc: Evolved

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This post is from the now defunct website “A GameDev Plays…”, copied here for posterity

Unleash your inner misanthrope along with a deadly disease! In Plague Inc: Evolved the player is a disease intent on the eradication of humanity. Very grim, but strangely addictive and well-made.

In Plague Inc the player is one of various diseases, initially mostly harmless, but with grand plans to destroy humanity. That is the game’s goal: kill all humans. Leaving a single person alive is considered mission failure. Progress towards success is achieved by gathering “DNA points” (partially by clicking bubbles as they appear on the map), and then spending them on various mutations - giving your disease improved infectiousness, seriousness, lethality or other effects. That is it. Simple, but effective and well-made. The graphics are good and there is lots of easy to find information on what is happening.

Each game of Plague Inc becomes a battle between infecting as many people as fast as possible, without killing them too quickly, and finishing the job before humans find a cure. Games last 20-30 minutes and every game I have played was close at the end. There are also many new scenarios, diseases and power-ups that become available as you complete earlier missions. With a feel half-way between a board-game and a clicker game, Plague Inc: Evolved is clearly inspired by modern, casual game design. It is easy to pick and play a quick game. I often had that “one more try” feeling.

Plague Inc: Evolved is US$14.99 on the Steam store for PC, Mac and Linux. There is also a mobile version. It has been bundled.

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