April 14, 2017

Space Run Galaxy

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This post is from the now defunct website “A GameDev Plays…”, copied here for posterity

Like transporting cargo across the galaxy? Well you are in luck, because that is the entirety of better-than-it-sounds Space Run Galaxy, with short, action-oriented tower defense (huh?) gameplay.

In Space Run Galaxy you are a member of an intergalactic transport company. Various organisations give you cargo of various sizes and configurations to be moved to another star system. These are placed upon your 2D hex based ship before starting the 5-10 minute journey to the destination. Along the way you are attacked in tower defense style, with waves of enemies coming in known patterns. Also like tower defense you can place various equipment (guns, engines, repairers, etc) on your ship to defend it and these then act independently of your command. This gameplay loop is repeated ad nauseam. There is a campaign, but the missions are all the same - move stuff. Items and ships can be levelled up by the purchase of resources and then crafting improvements. The issue is that resources stay where they were acquired unless moved (see basic gameplay loop). This means the game can become a bit of a grind with much time spend moving items around in order to progress. Or, you could get other players to move them for you. This highly integrated online component is limited to transport contracts, but means the game requires a constant link with game servers - ensure you have a good Internet connection! I’m not sure the extra missions available from player contracts is worth it - they are all just the same as the campaign missions and just seem like more of a grind. This game has a good idea, well implemented, but has perhaps given up too much single-player balance for its always online additions.

Space Run Galaxy is out on the Steam store for PC only at US$19.99. It has been bundled.

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