April 21, 2017


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This post is from the now defunct website “A GameDev Plays…”, copied here for posterity

Want to go on a fantastical adventure, unleashing magical mayhem as you go? Well-made and fun, but way too fast for me, Magicka has you more than covered.

In Magicka the player is a novice wizard out to save the world by battling monsters. I can’t say much more about the story, because I find this game insanely hard. After several hours of painfully slow progress, I have given up. This is not because it is a bad game, just one that requires fast and accurate keystrokes. Well into my middle-age, I do not have the reflexes to play it well. The issue is that to cast a spell you have to type a set of keys representing which of the 8 in-game elements (water, fire, life, ice, etc) to include, plus a target, plus a optional boost. There are various pickups in the game to add extra abilities (and keystrokes) and special spells. There is tons of DLC and multiplayer modes (including coop), but I didn’t try any of them. The gameplay is basic monster fighting, largely on rails. However, the fights are quite interesting and feel substantially different to each other. A big part of successful fighting is working out the best spell combinations for each fight/enemy. The story is also mildly humorous. A good game, but too much button-mashing for me.

Magicka is out on the Steam store for PC only at US$9.99. It has been bundled.

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