March 7, 2017


Tags: A Gamedev Plays

This post is from the now defunct website “A GameDev Plays…”, copied here for posterity

A mobile turn-based rogue-like that plays well on PC? Wonders will never end with Sproggiwood!

Sproggiwood plays like a traditional rogue-like. Your avatar explores grid-based dungeons in a fantasy world, fighting the denizens, collecting treasure and levelling upto more powerful skills. What innovation there is seems to be the result of its mobile origins. For instance, after completing each dungeon the player resets - all experience and collected items are lost. Each dungeon is started again with a basic character… unless items or buffs are purchased through the in-game store.

Luckily in the PC version, there are no microtransactions. So the worst of mobile gaming is avoided. There is also a simple story and replayability through unlocking extra character types (farmer, archer, vampire, etc). Although there does seem to be some grinding required to purchase enough buffs to get through the later levels. Overall this is a well-made, polished and cutesy rogue-like, but it doesn’t offer anything new to the experienced player of such games.

Sproggiwood is out on the Steam store for PC, Mac and Linux at US$14.99. It has been bundled many times.

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