June 24, 2016


Tags: A Gamedev Plays

This post is from the now defunct website “A GameDev Plays…”, copied here for posterity


Welcome to the brand new “A Gamedev Plays…” website. Here there will be regular reviews of both cardboard and computer games from the perspective of a game developer. The games chosen will be whatever catches my eye or, more likely, is sitting in my Steam backlog! Where possible there will be videos of gameplay to go along with the text here and if the game impresses, reviews on Steam or BoardGameGeek, or wherever appropriate.

I’m starting this site both as a learning exercise and as motivation. I need to play more games. There is an explosion of game making at the moment. More and more games, many with innovative ideas are being released. I need to be aware of what is happening in game design. Since starting work on my own games I can’t help but try to analyse what makes a game work (or not!) when I play it. Being able to organise these thoughts into a coherent argument in a presentable form can only help me improve my future games.

There is a dedicated YouTube channel & Steam group for this website. Also, my work Twitter and Facebook group may be used for promotion or notification.


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