June 13, 2009

Blender Tutorial: Tozeur Market Sculpture - My First Model

Tags: Blender

I’ve previously stated that I intend to learn 3D modelling well enough to recreate simple ancient historical architectural scenes after being inspired by my trips to Pompeii and Dougga. To this aim I downloaded Blender, an opensource 3D modelling program, and bought The Essential Blender. After having read the first 3 chapters of that book and a few online tutorials (mainly around materials and textures), I was ready to try creating my first model. I decided upon a sculpture found in the market square of Tozeur, Tunisia - it seemed simple enough, but it wasn’t immediately clear to me how it should be done. Below you can see images of the original and my model.

The continuation of this post is a set by step tutorial detailing my methodology.

Tozeur Market Sculpture