August 25, 2008

Golf Reviews


Back in May I decided it was time to learn to play golf. Since then I have been to a golf school, 2 golf courses, a driving range and an indoor video golf centre. I thought I would write briefly about them.

The James Andrews School Of Golf

I signed up for a 3 day residential training course with The James Andrews School Of Golf as a holiday. I greatly enjoyed the break. Although I can’t claim to be a good golfer at the moment, I can say that I am a better golfer as a result of the course as I saw my swing improve over the 3 days (considering I consistently missed the ball entirely at the start). Indeed most of the course focussed on the swing. The general format was swing practice, putting/pitching practice, and then the swing again before lunch and having the afternoon to ourselves. Nice course, good teacher, highly recommended (although the food could have been better considering the cost). I certainly left feeling prepared to tackle a proper course.

World Of Golf

Unfortunately it took a while before I managed to get myself onto a proper golf course, so in the interim I kept up my driving skills with a couple of visits to World Of Golf, a local driving range. I never had to queue for a bay, itis £7 for 100 balls and you can hire clubs, not much more to say. I still go regularly.

Hobbs Cross Golf Course

My first proper game of golf was at Hobbs Cross. in Essex. It seemed like a friendly course, geared towards beginners. There was a 9-hole par-3 and another more normal 9-hole. For the record I was 57-over for the full 18. There was a driving range, but the cafe was closed – take your own food just in case. A good course and I’ll go back eventually (it’s a good distance away from where I live).

Beckenham Place Park Golf Course

Beckenham Place Park is probably the nearest course to my current abode. It is a cheap public course (£50 for 2 and club hire), and is a bit harder than Hobbs Cross. Aside from the golf, I was not greatly impressed: the hire clubs seemed poor to me; the cafe was disappointing (salad in sandwiches is apparently not often requested); there were many groups of kids wandering around and the toilets were closed. On the golf side, quite a few of the holes are uphill which causes me some problems. I’m in no rush to return.

City Golf

I was given a voucher for a complimentary session at City Golf, where you play golf inside, hitting your balls towards a video screen. While this was ok for driving practice, nothing else played as I would expect it. Putting was hopeless and so was trying to get out of the rough – there was just no feel. Although it was free to me, the costs seemed quite high. I doubt I am their target market. I can’t imagine I’ll be going back anytime soon.

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