August 30, 2008


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A few people have asked me if I have given up on the project and startup idea that was the original motivation for this blog. No, I have not. A large rewrite and a lack of testing has slowed me down. There is a very large list of new functionality and I could of course keep working on it nearly forever before it is “finished”. However, my experience has suggested it is best to release early and often after a minimum level has been reached. My project has now reached that minimum level. There is the occasional bug, new functionality to write and the GUI is still awkward – but what needs to be done will be clearer with people (hopefully) using it, or at least commenting on it.

So this would normally be where I put a link…

Unfortunately/fortunately, I am on holiday the next fortnight and to announce it seems like tempting fate a little too much. Instead I will just describe my idea, and in mid-September give the web address. I keep a great number of todo lists around for work and most software development workplaces have bug tracking or project management software. It seems to me there is a middle ground between a simple online todo list (of which there are many) and a complex project management system (again, there are many of these). My goal is something that can be easily used by one person or can handle groups of people working together. Another goal is to make it easy to use for non-IT people as long as they are familiar with the web (thus usable by a wider audience than many of the issue tracking systems that focus on IT people). So there’s the plan, soon you can compare theory to reality.

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